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Terracotta Madhubani Hand-painted Decorative Vases, Set of 3

Terracotta Madhubani Hand-painted Decorative Vases, Set of 3

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Introducing our captivating terracotta hand-painted Vase Set, a fusion of artistic brilliance and cultural storytelling. This remarkable set of vases features a serene off-white hue adorned with intricate madhubani hand paintings, each depicting a majestic horse, a fish and a resplendent peacock, bringing a symphony of nature and tradition to your home decor. Whether adorning a shelf, a console, or as a centerpiece on your dining table, they are certain to command attention and imbue your decor with a touch of cultural depth and artistic elegance.




Big Vase (Height x Width) 16 X 9 cm, Medium Vase (Height x Width) 11 X 10 cm and Small Vase ( Height x Width) 9 X 5.5 cm

Care Instructions

Just wipe with soft dry cloth and handle with love and care


The size/ shape and/or design of the actual product may slight owing to each product being hand made. Its difficult to replicate exact color/shade/art while creating the pieces.

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