Red Aroma Oil Burner Gift Set With Wooden Tray & Diya

by Artysta
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Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,099.00
  • Sale Package- One Aroma Oil Diffuser , Two Essential Oil ( Any Fragrance)  , Handi Wooden Candle Holder, One Small Jute Bag , Mango Wooden Tray, Potpourri And Two Tealight Candle
  • This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.
  • Material- Aroma Oil Burner - Soapstone, Tray And Handi- Mango Wood.
  • How To Use-Pour some water in the bowl and then add your favorite essential oil in the bowl. Place a tealight inside the diffuser and light it. The heat from tea light will quickly warm the water and oil , which diffuses aroma in the air.
  • Tray is crafted from a single piece of mango wood by hand.
  • Dimension (in cm) - Burner - 8 (L), 8 (W), 10 (H), Tray - 26 (L), 15.5 (W), 2.5 (H), 3 (H), Diya - 5.5 (L), 5.5 (W), 3 (H)  

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