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'Rose Charmer' Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner With Two Essential Oils

'Rose Charmer' Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner With Two Essential Oils

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Feel at peace in your home & office with this quirky and thoughtful white-shaded aroma diffuser in Ceramic. The diffuser comes with a space at the top to hold the oil, an open space at the back to put the tealight candle inside which comes with the package and also two of Artysta's special fragrance oils to complete the set. Handcrafted whilst depicting a peeking owl, it is for sure a valuable and unique gift for your loved ones, especially children.
  • Handcrafted in Ceramic, this owl-shaped oil burner is an ideal decorative and therapeutic tool for your home.
  • To use it, simply add water to the bowl, put a few drops of your fragrance oil and then light a tea light to heat the bowl which diffuses the aroma throughout the room. In case you wish to use camphor instead of aroma oil, no need to put water. Just place 3-4 pcs of camphor in the bowl. These aroma diffuser are natural way to experience the healing and relaxation.

Product Dimension: Burner (Length x Width x Height) 7 X 7 X 9 cm



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