Ceramic Monk Backflow Waterfall Smoke Incense Burner

by Artysta
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Rs. 999.00
  • Package contents-  One Backflow Incense Holder and One Incense Cone. 
  • How to use Back-flow incense burner creates an illusion of a smokey waterfall. Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and with the cone's special properties, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction, that is from top to bottom, and in-turn creates a beautiful smokey waterfall.
  • This Incense Burner has been diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans using various traditional techniques.
  • If some incense ash or incense cone oil was left on the incense holder, just use pipe water and some detergent to wash it. (make sure the incense was not too hot), our cone burner will become new again!
  • Material- Ceramic ,Size: as picture shows
  • Benefits -Burning incense has deep calming effects on the mind and is also known for its abilities to rejuvenate the body & spirit. It can also be used as a cleanser as it can clear negative energies in surrounding areas.
  • Suitable for home, office,yoga house,spa,hotel,meditation, etc.

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