'Black Beauty' Aroma Oil Burner With Two Essential Oils

by Artysta
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Rs. 449.00
Have a stress-free time at home & office with this classy Soapstone aroma diffuser in black shade. The diffuser shows beautiful carving & cutwork on three sides of the burner. It comes with a space at the top to hold the oil, an open space at the back to insert the tealight candle inside which comes with the package and also two of Artysta's special fragrance oils to complete the set.
  • Use it to burn essential or aroma oils and spread positivity around your house.
  • Package Content : One Aroma Oil Diffusers, Two Essential Oils ( Any Fragrance), One Tealight Candle.
  • This aroma oil burner is crafted in soapstone. 

Product Dimension: Burner (Length x Width x Height) 9 X 9 X 10.5 cm

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