Ways to decorate home using handicrafts

Handicrafts are piece of art made by hand or small handy tools. This has been the practice from ancient times perhaps when our civilization was just taking its shape, the household articles or play items of children were made by hand due to absence of industries. As the time passed beautiful decorative objects were made by hand which also depicted our rich culture. Indian crafts are rich, colorful and depicts our culture, different types of trends and millions of gods who were worshipped in different corners of the country. As our country was subject to many empires so different empires were depicted through these handicrafts by the local artisans. These handicrafts were very decorative, useful and very symbolic. Each piece has a tale to tell.

The traditional handicrafts of India include handmade pottery of clay, jute items, brass pots and pictures, leaves and bamboo articles and even leather and cloth were used in handicrafts. These are small scale industries which play important role in the upliftment of our economy. These signature décor items are widely used by our modern homes in modern times as they are brightly colored affordable and meaningful. These include the wide varieties such as flower vase. Lamps both in clay and terracotta and brass, toys, tablemats, cousin covers, woven baskets, wooden figurines and small furniture made of wood, jute and other materials. These are made by specific artisans of specific places and the products are of national and international market. Our exemplary tradition and rich culture are depicted through these items and holds a great liking both in and outside the country. These ‘rich handicrafts’ are ethnic and all hearts fall for it instantly. What matters most in choosing for it is your style and budget because each personal style is unique each pattern is a brainchild of people living in the house. When it comes to decorating the house each one is an ‘interior decorator’.

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