Unique Key Chains to Keep Your Keys Safe

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Every individual owns at least one to two keys while several of us have as many as four to six keys that we must carry with us whenever we step out of the house. From the room, home and almirah keys to your bike, car or office key, keeping a track of so many keys and keeping them safe is no easy feat. It’s where a key chain comes in handy.

 A key ring or a keychain is a practical and useful item that will keep all your keys securely in one place and make it easy for you to locate the one you need quickly, especially when you are in a rush.

Customized key chains online also make thoughtful and useful gifts for your friends, family members and colleagues at work who are bound to appreciate your great taste in gifts!


We offer a stunning and lively collection of custom handmade key chains that will ensure you never lose your keys. Designed to complement your style quotient, our 100% eco-friendly brass key chains with brass ring and chain are sturdy, long-lasting and made of high-quality metal with an eye-catching golden finish.

Each keychain for men at Artysta Gallery tells a unique story and presents a beautiful example of India’s excellence in metalwork which includes the attractive engraving and cutting techniques.

 If you are searching for a key chain online, we suggest that you look no further than our custom key chains!


For your convenience, here are some of our must-buy bestsellers that are not only good to look at but also great to hold –


Tree of Life Brass Keychain – A beautiful and elegant banyan tree charm, this tree of life keychain is a perfect addition to your purse or pocket. Just attach it to your home, office and car keys and you’re free from the worry of losing your keys.

 key chain

Rythym Collection Buddha Brass Key Chain – A great choice for your personal use or as a gift for your loved ones, this Buddha brass custom keycha in spreads a feeling of tranquility and peace and is crafted to perfection by artisans in India.

 key chain online

Noor Collection Jaali Brass Key Chain – Inspired by the eye-catching and intricate jaali work at the Taj Mahal in Agra, this brass key chain with a floral design from our Noor Collection is a definite winner. The gold finish adds to its beauty and intrigue.

  jali brass key chain

Gol Ganesha Brass Key Chain – Feel the blessings of Lord Ganesha wherever you go with this lovely Gol Ganesh Key Ring from Artysta Gallery. Its eco-friendly brass has a shiny look that is long-lasting.

 key chain online

Floral Lotus Brass Key Chain – This is a beautifully designed custom key chain that reminds us of the gorgeous Lotus flower. Use it daily and ensure that your keys never get misplaced!

 key chain online

Visit Artysta Gallery now to browse through our unique key chains and order your favourite key rings for yourself, your loved ones and your friends!

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