Studio Pottery

Studio pottery is a technique with which very unique piece of art is made by professional and amateur artists. These artists either are sole artists or they work in small groups making very beautiful functional wares such as tableware and cookware and non-functional wares such as sculptures which is often a display piece of art. The materiel used to make this is usually clay and studio potters are referred as ceramic artists. . Studio pottery is widely recognized by the world of art around the globe and it has gained wide popularity among the art lovers. The elegant and eye-catching look has made it very popular and has become an integral part of home décor. This old art form called studio pottery found it’s space all over the globe between England, Europe, Asia, Africa and much more. New advanced techniques of pottery are used in present times which has made it much more beautiful with its intricate work in different shapes and sizes. It has also become increasingly popular for its delicately glazed artistry.

Since the second half of the 20th century ceramics became a highly valued art form, in the art world large exhibitions were held worldwide to showcase this ‘out of world’ art form and ceramics have also realized high prices. Studio potters are successfully able to give the buyers an alternative to plain industrial ceramics. These simple, functionals designs charmed the modern-day users. Kitchenware, tableware, dinning ware became a craze and hence the demand increased. The abstract ceramic objects, varied surface and glazed effects are much in demand and are well appreciated by elite group. Khurja pottery is a very old and widely recognized Indian art form and potters often call themselves as ‘Multani Kumhara’, originating from Multan.Khurja pottery has a national as well as international market thus giving employment to several Indian artisans. Bulandshaher is one of India’s main centers for this glazed pottery.

ceramic bowls

Artysta gallery brings an array of studio pottery home use articles such as hand-painted ceramic dinner plates which could be used as serving main dish. These have smooth surface that is finely hand-painted with innumerable rings which gives it a very beautiful look. These can be washed gently with a mild detergent. These are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. These are very strong and solid. The hand painted ceramic bowls are ideal for serving evening snacks. The ceramic mug is best for drinking hot beverages and even beer with friends. These are easy to wash and are very solid as well as microwave safe and freezer safe too. Our country India is abode of variety of food which is not only cooked with love but also served with love in exclusive serving plates and bowls. Indian food and beverages are extensively consumed and appreciated. Artysta gallery has a knack of getting forth the beautiful kitchenware and dinning ware without much effort of hunting for it by the busy people in this world. The articles made out of studio pottery is very good for gifting to friends, family and colleagues and just got easy to buy on Artysta gallery.


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