How to use cutting chai glasses for Drinkware & Decoration purpose

Chai is one and single beverage which enjoys a special place in each one’s heart. It is well known across the world. In ancient times chai was associated with its medicinal benefits and that is how it got to occupy a very prominent place in each and every single house. Majority of the population starts the day with a cup of chai and almost all houses welcome their guests with a cup of chai. Nearly all the corners of cities have famous chaiwalas who serve tea in small glasses, thus the name cutting chai glasses roots from these small chai joints. 

Cutting Chai Glasses With Stand

In search of novelty and authenticity, the artysta gallery came forth with cutting chai glasses with beautiful stand to stock them neatly. These glasses have a very Indian look and fill up our minds with nostalgia.Variety is the spice of life, as chai drinking is a daily routine in our homes the cups too come in different varieties.These cutting chai glasses is one of the best Indian looks. It is a very tantalizing way to serve tea to family and guests. They are easy to handle and easy to stock in the kitchen, bedroom, dining table or bar counters. They are of the correct size of one serving chai. They are very eye catching and attractive. 

The cutting chai glasses can be given a personal touch by painting it. These can be painted according to party theme and can be used not only for serving chai but also for serving dry snacks or salad sticks and with the stand it becomes easy to pass on. It has got multipurpose use.

Set of 6 Ceramic Kulhad With Stand

These can be used to store the hobby collection of either coins or sea-shells or any other collection from travel freaks. The most handy use can be made by mothers in the kids party to serve beverages or cold drinks. It fits well in kids' small hands to have cut fruits or cupcakes. 

Our Indian marriages are slowly adorning a look which is an amalgamation of modern and western. These cutting chai glasses are a very pretty and economical choice on the centre table of marriage party functions. 

They can be used as candle stands or filled with aromatic flowers. It can also be used for coloured rice or flower petals to be showered on bride and groom during the ceremony. 

Those looking for real indian stuff must consider these cutting chai glasses.The uses of these cutting chai glasses with stand or multifarious. It has value for money and it brings novelty in our houses and parties. The praises these glasses will bring will be enormous. 

The cutting chai glasses reminds of the authentic India where chai is an integral part of Indian house hold. These cutting chai glasses have a multipurpose use. They can be used to serve day snacks and salad sticks for kitty party or when friends come over to home for chit chat. 

The most innovative way to use it in marriage party where it can adorn the party table with sweet smelling colorful flowers or can also serve as candle stand on the center table. 

Those looking for real Indian stuff must consider these cutting chai glasses with stand which has value for money and which brings novelty in the house hold. The praises which these cutting Chai glasses will bring in will be enormous.

Cutting Chai Glasses with Stand/Set of 6 Transparent Glasses with Stand | Tableware | Home Decor

The cutting chai glasses with its stand make a very good product to store the hobby collection of either coins or seashells or collection from travel freaks which gets lost in some obscure part of house, which ultimately looses its existence. 

The cutting chai glasses with stand makes very attractive piece in Indian wedding function, giving the function a true Indian flavor which peps up the mood and sets one in a perfect part mood. 

The cutting chai glasses can be painted according to the party theme and occasion. It can be made a part of kids party as well, as it makes a easy hold in child’s hands and the quantity of any soft or health drinks is just appropriate for kids. On the other hand for adults it can be gala of perfect choice for taquilla shots or measuring cups for making cocktails.

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