Here’s How You Can Find the Right Table Lamp for Your Room

After choosing the rugs, bedside tables, paint, and wallpaper, you are almost done with the décor of your room or living space. But, the key ingredient that forms the overall appeal of the room still remains the lighting. Sometimes, the wrong lighting can make the room look dull and shady without any apparent reason. Then, even after spending a fortune on the other room aspects, you may not be able to make it appealing, soothing, and attractive.

The lights suspended overhead for the purpose of illuminating the full space are great when you are cooking, cleaning, or getting ready. The table lamps in your room make all the difference. This lighting is for reading, resting, and it imparts a sense of warmth to your space.         

Decorative Table lamps    

Hence, below we have explained some factors that can help you choose the best bedside lamps, living room lamps, and decorative table lamps for different areas of your house.

Factors to Consider while buying table lamp

1.      Décor

The living room lamps are more formal and elegant in nature. With subtle design and average height, these lamps are made to give a statement look to your living area. On the contrary, bedroom lamps are casual. But, these unique table lamps should still match the furniture in the bedroom.


2.      Size

The size of the living room lamps is usually more in terms of height than the bedroom lamps. Since the bedroom radiates a sense of warmth, the decorative table lamps used in bedroom can be smaller in size.

Another major reason for having such a lamp size preference for both living and bedroom is the furniture. The bedroom furniture is often less in height. Hence, the bedside lamp should complement the furnishing around. In the living room, we have centerpieces, hangings, and other elements giving a high-rising look. Here, lamps with more height can be utilized.

3.      Color

The color actually includes the design of the table lamp. The lamps should match the wall colors. If you have wallpapers on the bedside wall, then the lamp can have soothing prints as well. For plain, light colored walls, choose a bright, printed or hand-painted lamp for a contrasting look.

4.      Details

This factor should be considered especially for handmade lamps. The beauty of handmade lamps lies in the details of its painting.

  • How well it is painted?
  • Are the colors used for the lamp complementing each other?
  • Do you receive a feeling of warmth or a soothing sensation when you look at the structure of the lamp?
  • What type of bulb or light is used in the lamp?
  • Is this light right for your purpose?

Additional Tips

  • Your decorative table lamp should match the complete tone of the room.
  • If you are buying the lamp for the study table, it should be at eye-level.
  • All the lamps used in the room can be different but should have nearly similar height and pattern.

You should select a table lamp that blends in your room. When you enter the room, this lampshade should naturally feel like a part of the room and not represent itself as a separate addition.

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