Table Lamps

Table lamps are a small but essential key component for any interior decoration. With the purpose of proper lighting fixtures, they provide ambient environment easily to where it is actually needed- on a side table or center table, on a shelf, or next to your bed. Not only just illuminating but they also add charm and classy appeal to your place with their effective designs.  

Whether you can find innumerable types, sizes, and material in table lamps, but nowadays modern decorative wooden table lamps and handcrafted Terracotta table lamps are mostly preferable in homes due to their pleasant appearances. These eco-friendly handcrafted table lamps with India’s incredible Warli, Dhokra art forms are a unique combination of tradition and modernity that can create a statement of prosperity.

As we know, we all are attracted to lights and it’s a fact that lighting can completely switch a room’s vibe from a boring and dull space into a peppy and cozy place with timeless charm. So, you can add a splendid lighten glow to any room with these dazzling table lamps. Whether you are sitting with your partner or friends or reading your favorite book in your living room, you can add pop of light with table lamps. You can try out keeping one on the bedside with the dimmed soft and soothing light of your bedroom for nice warm glow in sleeping hours.

You can explore our exclusive range of handcrafted table lamps below and brings aesthetic beauty to your home.

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