Handcrafted Kettle Set / Teapot for your Kitchen

Tea time is a very special time when family members get together to discuss their day or their future plans. A quiet family get together is always accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee. Artysta Gallery has come up with elaborate kettle sets which give a new life to these kinds of get together. 

Stoneware Teapot Set

Life is a celebration so no stone should be left unturned to celebrate each and every moment. The mundane act of drinking tea can be made a very “looking forward” activity by bringing home these kettle sets. These kettle sets are available in an elaborate range of formal as well as informal sets and of course the collection has been designed keeping in mind the everyday use too. The tea served from these kettle sets make the flavourful tea come alive. The artysta gallery has a wide variety of kettle sets that suits well for all occasions. 

Teapot Set With Two Cups And Tray

Every country has a different “tea tradition”, the English tea, Mediterranean tea, Russian tea, Japanese tea and Chinese tea but ours is a nation of all time tea lovers. So serving tea in our homes, to our guests as well as in high level meetings gets a very vibrant excitement if served in these kettle sets available online. These are variety in large choices, durable, available in different colours with an affordable price tag. Artysta Gallery is a one stop shop for kettle sets which is a must in every household. 

Teapot Set With Two Cups And Tray

A lifestyle brand of these unique products which is created by artisans and craftsmen using our traditional figures and technique gives these kettle sets a very unique look also giving an opportunity to our Indian artisans and craftsmen to keep our culture alive. This is a legacy passed on to the next generation with a dual purpose of their own economic upliftment. 

Rightly said that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee or tea. Many plans and relationships are made over by this magical cup. 

Studio Pottery Ceramic Kettle With Cup

So bring home the elegance of tea kettles and experience the magic.

We offer these easy to order kettle sets which are of varied colours and very attractive.They are dishwasher safe,microwave safe,freezer safe and easy to hand wash and odour free too.The raw material used to manufacture this is of food grade and lead free.It is a excellent choice for the happening restaurants as well as for personal home use.It is a very good gift on anniversaries and marriages parties. Crafted with love and tea or coffee served in it will spread love which is the dire need of the hour today. 

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