Essential Table Lamps to Brighten Up Your Living Room and Bedroom

Author - Mayank Rustagi

A decorative table lamp is an eye-catching and functional addition to your home’s décor. Thanks to the huge variety in table lamps online, you can now find the perfect decorative table lamp for all areas of your home, especially the living room and your bedroom.

 What makes table lamps a smart investment is the versatility it adds to your home’s lighting. Whether you are in the mood for some soft glow in the evenings or looking for an additional source of light to brighten up your reading nook, living room corner or your bedroom’s side table, a good-quality table lamp will come in handy.


Gone are the days when there was no other choice but to make do with boring and predictable table lamps for your bedroom.

 At Artysta Gallery, you can now find some of the most beautiful and attractive classic, modern and designer bedroom lamps which are inspired by traditional Indian art forms such as Warli Art and Madhubani Paintings.

 We offer highly competitive table lamp prices which are in tune with the exceptional quality materials (terracotta and wood) we use and the superior craftsmanship that goes into creating each decorative table lamp.


Let’s take a look at some of our top-selling and essential table lamps –


HANDCRAFTED TERRACOTTA WARLI HANDPAINTED TABLE LAMP – Jazz up your living room décor with this skillfully handcrafted decorative table lamp from Artysta Gallery. Its intricate fish and elephant hand-painted Warli art detailing, golden dots, soothing contemporary lampshade, and sophisticated colour combinations make it a must-have for your home.

 Terracotta Warli Hand Painting Table Lamp

DECORATIVE BEDSIDE TABLE LAMP FOR BEDROOM – Showcasing the vibrancy of Madhubani hand paintings, this antique bedside table will add warmth and glow to your bedroom with its tasteful colour combination and exceptional beauty.

 Terracotta Warli Hand-Painted Pot Shaped Home Bedroom Table Lamp

HANDCRAFTED WOODEN TABLE LAMP WITH WARLI ART – Create a happy, positive and cosy atmosphere at home with this pine wood and brass table lamp that has been hand-embellished with beautiful tribal scenes, a classic example of Warli art. It is great for personal use, especially during house parties as well as for gifting purposes to your family and friends.

 Handcrafted Pine Wooden Table Lamps Home Decorative Bedroom Table Lamp

MINIMALIST NIGHT LIGHT WOODEN TABLE LAMP – If you are looking for a simple wooden table lamp for your ambient lighting needs, this minimalist and charming night lamp will more than satisfy your needs. The traditional art detailing at the base and the elegant shape are the show-stoppers.

 Table Lamp Bedside Lamp with Wooden Base,Minimalist Night Light Bedroom

HANDCRAFTED TERRACOTTA TABLE LAMP FOR LIVING ROOM – Light up your living room or your bedroom side tables with the warm hues of this terracotta table lamp. You are sure to receive numerous compliments on your good taste in décor.

 Terracotta Hand-Painted Pot Shaped Decorative Bedside Table Lamp | Table Lamps for Home Decor

MADHUBANI BEDSIDE TABLE LAMP – An ideal addition to your headboard or nightstand, this teak/Sheesham wood table lamp looks gorgeous, thanks to its stunning red and brown colours and Madhubani detailing.


Are you looking for the best decorative lamps for your home and office? Head over the Artysta Gallery and start shopping now!

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