Enhance The Decor of Your Home with Decorative Wall Clocks

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Even though a lot of people today rely on their mobile phones to check the time, wall clocks, especially decorative wall clocks, continue to be a popular décor item in most homes. In addition to showing you the right time, these designer wall clocks online instantly brighten up your living room and bedroom walls with their beautiful colours, designs and patterns.

 wooden wall clock - Artysta

In addition to being highly versatile décor products, wall clocks are also affordable options to transform the look of your space and make it look more inviting.



Whether you are looking for a living room wall clock or a designer wall clock for your bedroom, the choices available online can easily confuse you.


Here are some simple tips to help you select the best wall clocks for your home –


  1. SPACE ON THE WALL - Before you buy a wall clock, think about which part of the home you will be hanging the clock and how much space is available on the wall. If there is a lot of free space, you can opt for a large and detailed wall clock that grabs attention and adds an element of drama to the décor.


However, if there is limited space, you might want to select a moderate-sized wall clock such as Artysta’s wooden handcrafted wall clock that is hand painted in beautiful Warli art and attractive Dhokra Brass work.


  1. EXISTING DÉCOR – The wall clock you select for your home should add to your current décor and overall look of your space. So if your room is already using a lot of coloured elements, you might want to choose a more neutral wall clock design that subtly accentuates your overall theme. This Handmade and Hand Painted wooden wall clock in an attractive round shape with Warli art detailing is a great option.

 wall clock online

However, if your room has muted tones, you can look for an eye-catching decorative wall clock that will become the focal point of your room’s décor. Check out this Handcrafted Traditional Wooden Wall Clock for the bedroom in bright shades of blue, red, yellow and green food-grade colours with elegant motifs from India’s traditional Warli art form.


  1. DESIGN SENSIBILITIES – While there is no shortage of unique wall clocks online, the one that is right for you is the one that best matches your design sensibilities. For example, you can find wall clocks with an industrial look as well as decorative wall clocks, antique wall clocks, and even those that celebrate the various forms of art such as the stunning collection of antique wall clocks at Artysta.

 decorative wall clocks

Made from high-quality wood and glass, and hand-painted using safe, food-grade colours, our traditional wall clocks are a celebration of India’s well-known art forms, kept alive by talented and skilled artisans in various parts of the country.


Start shopping for your favourite decorative wall clocks at Artysta now!

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