A Comprehensive Guide for Choosing Right Towel Holder

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Towel hangers, while often overlooked, play an important role within your bathroom.

Do you want it to be for decoration? If so, then you might want to consider a single bar that attaches to the wall. This look is a simple and classic look providing a nice clean feel for your bathroom. Bathroom & kitchen towel hanger is minimal and can be easily neglected, it complements the overall look of your kitchen.

Imagine a bathroom towel holder in the kitchen, wouldn’t it look odd?

Mismatching this small element of your home accessories can deeply ruin the finished appeal of your kitchen. This is why we have prepared a list of things that you should consider before purchasing your towel holder.


Your towel holder should be suspended at a comfortable height. When you are working in the kitchen, it is uneasy to bend or jump for the towel. It should be at an easily accessible height. Ideally, it should be at the same height or above the sink tap or at your hand level. This would help you grab the towel whenever you want it without any hassle.

Installation location

Installation should be beside the sink or somewhere where you can access it without much trouble. Most people prefer the kitchen hand towel holder by the sink because you need a towel right after you wash hands. However, you can place it by your utensil tray too.

Finish and design

Depending upon the décor of your kitchen, you should match the finish and design of the towel holder. For instance, handmade designs and prints usually go with subtle kitchen tones. If you have a white kitchen background, you can even go for a vibrant towel holder.

If you are choosing the holder for your bathroom, then too, you can use handmade designs and prints.


In our opinion, wooden material with metal suspension for the towel seems like a perfect choice. If you choose a wooden towel stand, you receive two benefits: firstly, it looks elegant and secondly, you can purchase a handmade holder.

Additional Tips

  • When installing a wooden towel holder in your bathroom, ensure the height of the stand. It may be different from your kitchen towel holder’s Just see what is the comfortable height for you.
  • Don’t keep the holder directly beside the sink, as the water might splash and wet the towel or the holder. Keep it at some height.
  • Fold your towels nicely to easily pull it off from the holder whenever you need it.


Towel holders are an essential addition to your kitchen and bathroom. You would have to find a separate spot for the towels to avoid them getting dirty if you don’t have a towel holder.

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