5 Timeless Wooden Wall Clocks To Accentuate Your Home

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Gone are the days when a wall clock was only meant to tell time. With home décor styles and trends becoming more dramatic and varied than ever before, traditional wall clocks are not just practical objects for keeping us punctual but also elements of beauty that enhance the look of our homes.

Do you have a plain and bare living room wall that desperately needs some brightening up? Are you looking for a useful and practical item, that one classic décor piece that will also double up as a fashionable centerpiece for your drawing room?

Wooden wall clocks are the answer to all your décor needs, and there are plenty of choices in antique wall clocks, just waiting to be discovered.  


 Available in a variety of cheerful colours, styles, designs, shapes, materials and finishes, shopping for antique wall clock online promises to be a fun and fulfilling experience, especially when you shop for sound-free wooden clocks at Artysta Gallery.

Our eclectic collection of unique wall clocks demonstrate not just the distinctive features and characteristics of India’s traditional art forms, the Warli and Dhokra art but also showcase the craftsmanship of experienced Indian artists who create these masterpieces.

Are you ready to add a splash of colour and a dash of classic charm to your home walls?

Here are our top 5 picks of timeless Wooden Wall Clocks for your walls -  

Handcrafted Traditional Bedroom Clock with Warli Art – This stunning wooden wall clock is made of wood and glass and is hand-painted with traditional warli art figures using food-grade colours. The red, blue, green, yellow and white colours work in unison, giving you a bright and functional wall clock for your bedroom wall.

wooden wall clock for bedroom

Designer Antique Wooden Wall Clock for Living Room – This minimalist yet striking round wooden wall clock stands out for its unbeatable elegance. Handmade in high-quality wood and hand-painted by rural artisans, this is a perfect addition to any living room wall.

round wooden wall clock

Handmade Bedroom Wooden Wall Clock with Dhokra Art – Functional and eye-catching, this rectangular handcrafted wooden clock operates sound-free and offers great value for money. Hand-painted in Warli art, it is also fitted with authentic brass Dhokra work to instantly spruce up the look of your bedroom and add a special touch to your bedroom décor.

bedroom wall clock with dhokra art

Wooden Wall Clock for Bedroom with Warli Art and Bells – Designed with perfection by talented rural artists, this attractive wall clock online from India is perfect for your personal use as well as gifts to your loved ones. The Dhokra art figurines, as well as the two bells on the sides, give it a vintage look.

wall clock with warli art

Dhokra Wooden Wall Clock for Living Room – Combining the colours black and white, this wood, metal and glass antique wall clock is a lovely pick to complement the overall colour theme of your living room.

Handcrafted Traditional Wooden Wall Clock for Living Room

Head over to Artysta Gallery and start shopping for wooden wall clocks now!


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