5 Things to Look Before Opting a Nameplate

Name might not matter but the nameplate does. The first thing people look for when they come to your home is your nameplate and this reason is enough to pay a bit extra attention while finalizing your nameplate.

Customized name plate

So, what to look in a nameplate becomes a prominent question. Here are five things everyone including you must look before opting a nameplate.

Sight on Size: 

Size counts, actually!

You must make it sure the nameplate you are buying is large enough to contain all the information is a legit and clear manner. The information written on it must be readable from at least a foot or two away.  The best practice for the height of letters is 3 inches. So readability is important and so is the size.

Insightful Information: 

home name plate

Nameplates are there to showcase a brief but insightful information about your home. This may include house name, house number, your surname or name(s). In some cases, people often want more than one name to be written. For an instance, a family of four may want to write four different names or a family may only want surname and the house/flat number to be included.

Have the text ready before opting the nameplate.

Colour Combination:

customized name plate

The colour of the background on which the nameplate needs to be hanged is to be considered. Many of the times, matching colours are not preferable as they may affect the readability. Hence, it is best to go for contrasts; for contrasting colours flaunt your name clearly and improve the readability.

Weathering the weather:

personalized name plate

The place of a nameplate is outside the homes and flat. It is exposed to several climatic and other deteriorating elements. Going for a weather-proof nameplate seems impossible but opting a good material for nameplate is easy. Wooden nameplates are there to serve the purpose. They look elegant, lavish and enhance the beauty of your door or wall. Wooden nameplates are easy to clean and polish. A small extra investment will give you good long-term returns.

Easy Installation:

house name plate

Okay, now you have finalised the nameplate; but how easy it is to install? Does it fit-in the place where you want to get it installed?

You must go for nameplates that have hooks, screws or can be permanently glued. Whatever it may be, it should be as good as your name is.

customized name plate

Artysta Gallery brings a huge range of customized wooden nameplates that you can opt. These nameplates are firstly hand-scraped in Sheesham Wood and then hand-painted with beautiful motifs of Warli and Madhubani Art. The natural wooden colour and the granular pattern gives each nameplate uniqueness. Come in various shapes, sizes and dimension; these nameplates are enough to serve all your purposes and contain all the information in a clear and readable manner. As these nameplates are customized, you can also change the font according to you likes and dislikes. Their backside hook make them easily installable. Buy a nameplate from this affordable range of Artysta Gallery today.

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