Wood Accent Set of 2 Indoor Planters In Ceramic

by Artysta
Rs. 649.00

  • These indoor planters cum pots are handmade by the traditional skills of artisans combined with modern style.
  • Made in Ceramic but they have a wooden look which makes them light in weight, versatile and unique planter.
  • Walnut Brown color with Matte finish gives a natural wooden feel to these planters.
  • The piece of beauty comes in different shapes and sizes including ronda-round, square, oval, etc.
  • They can grab different places in your home be it table-top, corners, bed-side table, balcony etc.
  • Comes with a drainage hole at the bottom to drain excess water and allow adequate air for the roots of the plant.
  • Pack contains a pack of 2 indoor planters.
  • Perfect for Dwarf Plants, Succulents, Cactii