William Maharaja Arm Chair | Sheesham Wood

by Artysta
Rs. 15,499.00


    We all want a house which screams style and luxury. This William Maharaja Chair made of Sheesham wood is cosy and stylish. Its presence in your living room is as lavish as its name suggests. The provincial teak colour gives it a touch of royalty. When the chair is for your “queen of hearts” , this maharaja chair is a must buy . Available on artysta gallery, ready to be delivered.


    • Name: William Arm Chair.
    • Dimensions: H 23 x W 30 x D 18 (all dimensions in inches).
    • Weight: 20 Kg.
    • Colour: Provincial Teak.
    • Type: Arm Chair.
    • Primary Material: Sheesham Wood.
    • It will take 20 days to dispatch.

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