'White Speckled' Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner Cum Fondue Set

by Artysta
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Use this off-white speckled fondue & aroma diffuser in Ceramic. The diffuser comes with a pot at the top for holding & heating any liquid such as fragrance oil, chocolate, cheese, spreads, etc. and a space below for keeping a tealight candle to heat the liquid above. The package also contains any two of Artysta's special fragrance oils to be used with this diffuser. It can also be as a fondue set to warm up cheese dips.
  • Handcrafted in Ceramic, this fondue cum aroma oil burner is an ideal fun, decorative and therapeutic tool for your home.
  • Use it to burn essential or aroma oils and spread positivity around your house.
  • Use this diffuser to heat sauces, spreads, cheese, liquid chocolate, etc. and to dip your snacks into the hot bowl.
  • Sales package includes -One Aroma Diffuser, One Tea Light Candle  Two Fragrance ( 10 ML Each Essential Oil ).

Product Dimension: Burner (Length x Height) 5.9 X 3.9 Inch

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