Handcrafted Ceramic Aroma Oil Diffuser Fondue with Fragrance | Aroma Diffuser Gift Item

by Artysta
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  • Handcrafted by Indian artists and made to spread fragrance - a perfect décor item for any room, home, hotel, spa, office and bathroom etc.
  • Sales package includes -One Aroma Diffuser, One Tea Light Candle  Two Fragrance ( 10 ML Each Essential Oil ).
  • Fondue bowl shaped, elegantly chic
  • Pour some water in the bowl and then add your favorite essential oil in the bowl. Place a tealight inside the diffuser and light it. The heat from tea light will quickly warm the water and oil , which diffuses aroma in the air.
  • It’s an ideal way to keep your home smelling divine, no matter what the season
  • Create a refreshing atmosphere for your family and guests and bring glamour to occasions like - dining, birthdays,parties, weddings, holiday celebrations and more.

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