Fresno Bedside Table | Bedside Table For Bedroom

by Artysta
Rs. 8,599.00


Fresno Bedside table is inspired by vintage style trunks. It is a good traditional bedside table for modern homes. The top surface is good for books and night drinks and perhaps a small table lamp with an alarm watch. Place it and find the amazing look in your bedroom. Acacia wood and dual tone colour gives it a fabulous look.


  • Name:  Fresno Bedside Table.
  • Type of Table: Bed Side.
  • Dimensions:  H18 x W18 x D16 (all dimensions in inches).
  • No. of Drawers: 2.
  • Material type:  Acacia Wood.
  • Colour: Dual Tone.
  • Warranty:24 months.
  • Weight 16 Kg.