Edmonds Bedside Table With Two Drawers

by Artysta
Rs. 9,499.00


Smart and small is the description of this bedside table. It is an example of best design with full usage. It stands out in the bedroom with two drawers for storing the bedroom essentials. Sheesham wood makes it sturdy and provincial teak colour gives it a very classy look.


  • Name of the Product: Edmonds Bedside Table.                               
  • Type of Table: Bed Side.
  • Dimensions: H20 x W20 x D14 (all dimensions in inches).         
  • No. of Drawers: 2.
  • Material type: Sheesham Wood.                                          
  • Colour: Provincial Teak
  • Weight: 16.5Kg.
  • It will take 20 days to Dispatch.