Leaf Border Hand-painted Wooden Circular Tray

by Artysta
Rs. 1,149.00

  • Circular Planks is a set of 2 round sheesham wooden trays. The fine-grained sheesham used gives each tray a unique pattern.
  • The round wooden trays are hand painted and the art is inspired by the Warli Tribal Art. The bright and vibrant colors give an exotic look. Tribal patterns across the border enhance the rurality of the wood without compromising with the modern look.
  • The servings trays are easy to carry with a deep-cut base and hand carved sturdy handles which are raised to perfectly fit-in the hands.
  • Wooden Trays are of different sizes so they can be stacked perfectly.
  • An ideal fragment to add for a minimalist flair.
  • Great for serving tea, coffee, snacks, water, drinks and any food. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, homes, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, canteens, etc.
  • It's totally made of Sheesham, which is durable and solid in daily using.

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