Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Smoke Incense Burner

by Artysta
Rs. 799.00
  • Lit a incense, clean air, refreshing, maintain a pleasant body and mind.
  • Get relaxed from the physical to the psychological, Put aside the troubles of life, Enjoy the peace of this moment
  • How to use -Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall in the space provided. Cone incense has special properties, so the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction that is from top to bottom and creates a beautiful smoke fall.
  • This Ceramic Incense burner comes with 1 back flow incense cones.
  • Ceramic backflow incense burner is beautifully handcrafted which is ideal for burning incense while providing a decorative accent to any space.
  • READING TIME: Lit a incense, while reading a book, while tea, can completely relax, improve quality of life.
  • The backflow incense burner is made of ceramic material, handmade and noble.
  • Perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues for festive season.

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