'Black Teapot' Ceramic Backflow Smoke Incense Burner

by Artysta
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This ceramic wonder is perfect for spreading fragrance in your favorite places & for decorating your tabletops or shelves. This amazingly hand crafted black wonder adds a mini-fountain vibe to your home décor with its backflow incense cone that can be kept on top of this incense holder. This aroma diffuser is hand glazed excellently & comes in a teapot set shape where the teapot is seen pouring tea in the cup.
  • Handcrafted in black-hued ceramic, this rightly hand glazed beautiful gem depicts the shape of a teapot & a cup.
  • It comes with a back flow incense cone that when set alight sends smoke backwards while being placed on the top of this incense holder giving an effect resembling the flow of milk or tea from the teapot to the cup.
  • Use this decorative aroma diffuser regularly in your home or office or gift it to a dear one.
  • How to use - Simply place an incense cone at the top of the Kettle in the space provided. Cone incense has special properties, so the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction that is from top to bottom and creates a beautiful smoke fall.

Product Dimension: Burner (Length x Width x Height) 15 X 8 X 14 cm

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