Artysta 'Madhubani Jungle' Wooden Napkin & Cutlery Holder

by Artysta
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A 3 in 1 holder for your dining table & kitchen countertop items. This smart & beautiful storage masterpiece comes with 3 separate compartments for keeping tissues, cutlery as well as toothpicks. Created in fine-quality wood & hand-painted in a fiery yellow hue, this home & office accessory is hand-painted showcasing the beautiful Madhubani art. 

Product Dimension: (Length x Width x Height) 5.1 X 4.1 X 7 Inch

Care Instructions:- Just wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth and handle with love and care

Disclaimer:- The actual product may slight owing to each product being hand made. Its difficult to replicate exact color/shade/art while creating the pieces.

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