‘Tied Matkis’ Terracotta Flower Vase In Red Color, Set of 3(Combo of 3)

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  • Beautiful Madhubani hand-painted earthen flower pot vase combo for keeping artificial flowers and for embellishing your shelf, dining table, study or bedside table, etc.
  • Suitable to be used as a gift for festivals and parties, it comes with three handmade Red-colored Terracotta vases with laces tied around it to enhance their beauty and a finely done hand-painting depicting elephants and fishes with the use of impressive colors.
  • The vases come in a conical matki shape with distinct sizes, buy this set to add a sophisticated and elegant Indian touch to your interiors and impress your guests.

Product Dimension:- Large Vase - 4.6" (L), 4.6" (W), 7” (H), Medium Vase - 4.2" (L), 4.2" (W), 6” (H) & Small Vase - 4" (L), 4" (W), 4” (H) Inch

Care Instructions:- Just wipe with a soft dry cloth and handle with love and care

Disclaimer:- Not suitable for natural flower because of the hand-painting done, the actual product may slight owing to each product being hand made. It's difficult to replicate the exact color/shade/art while creating the pieces.

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