Raksha Bhandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a popular ceremony among Hindus from South Asia. The name signifies a bond of protection. It is a whimsical relationship between a brother and sister, who both have seen each other from the very onset of childhood. They have shared highs and lows and taken each other's help and support for the tiniest things such as hiding the secrets from parents to plucking the mangoes from trees to protect each other and many other sweet and sour nuances from childhood to the time they become adults. This ‘ unavoidable’ relationship is commemorated every year and celebrated as ‘ Raksha Bandhan’. Though it comes every year but each year accelerates the enthusiasm and love for each other in leaps and bounds. It is a way to cherish lifelong memories and a unique way to promise each other to stand by each other against all odds. It is a celebration of ‘oneness’ and a day to pledge to stand together in this big bad world.

A thin thread of silk is the indication of promise and delicate yet strong relation between a brother and sister. This day is marked by special delicacies and
having a gala time with brothers and sisters together. Although our ancient history shows us the path of social harmony by tying this ‘Raksha Bandhan’ to
anybody towards whom we feel responsible irrespective of caste, color or creed.

This unsaid promise between a brother and a sister ushers in a very festive day which is celebrated with great love and enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated
every year in the Hindu month of Shravana on Purnima or full moon day. This festival of renewal of relationship between brother and sister ,it is a reaffirmation of faith by a simple act of tying a thread which denotes a mental bond between two people born out of love.

Distance does not matter when it comes to the matter of heart and hence ArtystaGallery has a box full of ‘Rakhis’ made lovingly by our nanies and dadies who are great embodiment of love and thus ‘ Rakhis’ made
by them are full of love to mark this festival of love between two ‘peas of the same pod’.

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