Why Teak Wood Is Best for Your Home Furniture

Looking at the price of teak wood furniture, it is evident that furniture made of this wood has something unique. But what exactly contributes to its exclusivity?

It is the rubber and natural oils found in the antique teakwood which gives teak its aesthetic appeal and exceptional quality.

While every type of wood has oils such as tea tree or maple sap, not every wood is able to retain its oils. Teak, on the other hand, can. The rubber and oils are tightly grained in the wood, which gives teak wood furniture weather-resistant capabilities. It is dried to 10% moisture level of its original content for weatherproof quality.

Let’s dive in and explore in detail what other features contribute to the high-demand of teak furniture.

teak wood center table

Why You Absolutely Need Teak Wood Furniture in Your Home?

1.      It Is Durable!

If you want to buy furniture for outdoors, teak wood is the best as it is naturally resistant to water. It won’t get stained or discolored due to various weather conditions. The outdoor furniture made of teak will retain its look and feel because of its natural oils. The glossy look will keep giving your outdoor furniture a royal appeal.

2.      The Beauty Is Unmatched

No doubt, if you buy teak furniture for your living room or bedroom, (such as a coffee table or side table) you won’t regret it. This furniture has the ability to reflect your personal style and aura. The warm golden color and soothing texture simply go with all types of home décor.

3.      Weather and Pest Resistant

While we have already established that teak wood is weather resistant as it can stand rain, wind, and even hailstorm, the wood is pest resistant too. It will naturally repel pests such as marine borers and termites. This is also the reason why teak wood is perfect for both outdoor and indoor furniture..

4.      Well, Less Maintenance

When teak furniture is made, it requires less processing, painting, and staining as the natural oils do its work. This means that to maintain teak living room furniture, you only require occasional rubbing of the outer layer for extended shine. 

5.      Longer Lifespan

Teak wood furniture has a long lifespan. It won’t crack, splinter, or lose its strength over time. If you invest in teak wood furniture, you are buying it for a long time as it will retain its strength and natural oils for a very long term.

Do You Want to Buy It? You Can Find It Here

Apart from all the benefits of teak wood, it is naturally beautiful. You don’t have to work on it so much to retain its aesthetic features – teak is simply easy to maintain. If you also want to buy durable teak wood furniture, visit us at Artysta From teak coffee tables to other living room furniture, we have a range of products to match your home style.
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