Tips to keep your wooden décor items long-running

Author - Mayank Rustagi

A home is not just the frame of four walls. In the real sense, ‘ Our home is where our heart is!’  So it is obvious we want to keep our home décor personal. And, home decoration is such an outstanding way of adding values to your home and the impression of decoration can never be undervalued.

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Add ethnic touch with wooden home décor

Beautification of our home can be an exciting task, but we are getting confused about what is the perfect transformation for our home?  We all need great choices and recommendations for sprucing up our home.  There are myriad online options are available in home décor items that can easily brighten up our interior home design. But, in order to get closer to nature wooden home décor items are becoming more acquainted choice nowadays and nothing can beat the elegance and ethnic vibe of handcrafted wooden décor.

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                          Handcrafted wooden décor items are a blend of tradition and modernity that bring some uniqueness and luxurious feel to our home. These luxury handcrafted home decors are an adequate source to preserve India’s traditional art forms, culture, traditional skills and talents which are correlated with people’s lifestyle and history.

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Keep your wooden décor items lifespan long-term

For instant brightness and add a touch of high quality you can easily buy wooden home décor for interior decoration of your home. But it’s not so easy to preserve these wooden décor items for long-term. So, take a look for some useful tips that keep your luxury home décor items long-running:

  • Dusting and cleaning:- Dusting a regular basis with microfibre cloth on your wooden décor items. For the cleaning, never uses all-purpose cleaning spray, just use lukewarm water and mild soap or detergent gel that easily diluted in water. After it, dip and twist the soft cloth or paper towel and wipe out the dirty level but be careful not to soak it.
  • Finishing:- After cleaning, we should consider protecting the finishing. So, we can used furniture oils or liquid furniture polishes including Silicon oil, Turpentine which not only polished our wood décor and furniture also provide some security. We can also use soft wax in light and thin coats for polishing and hard finish that is more durable and give long-running protection.

                         Never polish wooden accessories with pure olive oil because it attracts dust and also create a strain on it.

  • Avoid direct sunlight:- The UV light is very harmful to wooden home décor items. Avoid your wooden items and furniture to be exposed to direct sunlight. It will destroy and fade finish and shrink the wood which brings cracks on them.
  • Keep distance from heat:- Always place your decorative items at the perfect and safe distance from heating sources like fireplaces, candles, etc.

          You can use a humidifier in the drier months to maintain moisture levels.

  • Protect from termites:- Termites also are known as “Deemak’’ more dangerous and grievous for the wooden décor accessories. These termites are hard to notice but spread fastly and damage your household furniture and luxury decorative products. Here are some ways you can protect your décor products from Termites-:
  • Moisture is the main cause that invites termites. So always control moisture from your wooden items.
  • You can also apply a mixture of olive oil and vinegar for protecting your wood décor from termites.
  • You can use Borax solution and pesticides for eliminating out termites.

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