Style Your Home with Elegant Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Are you bored with your plain bedroom walls? Do you wish you could add some cheerful colours to your living room? Are you looking for attractive, ethnic and traditional home décor products? Decorative wall shelves are exactly what you need!

No matter which colour theme your home may have, you can always take it up a notch with the help of stylish wooden wall shelves with hand-painted terracotta pots. Available in different shapes, sizes, looks and designs, wall mounted shelves break the monotony of a wall and create a focal point that is pleasing to the eyes.

By opting for decorative wall shelves for the living room, you can not only enhance the décor of your space but also make your home warm and welcoming. Since wooden wall shelves and corner shelves are attached to the wall, they save a lot of space and create a neat and organized look.  

Shop for the Best Decorative Online Wall Shelves at Artysta Gallery

Whether you have a large wall that needs brightening up or a corner space you wish to beautify, decorative wall shelves will more than satisfy your needs. Our premium collection of hand-painted terracotta pots with wall mounted wooden shelves is a brilliant combination of elegance and good looks.

Well-designed, our wooden wall shelves are made of good-quality Teak Wood, Sheesham Wood and Mango Wood. The accompanying two, three or four handcrafted terracotta pots are made by skilled artisans and showcase the brilliance of Madhubani and Warli Art with stunning colours and ethnic beauty.   

4 Best-Selling Decorative Wall Shelves for Your Home

Styling your home becomes easy when you have access to the right home décor products. Here are some wonderful wooden shelves to start beautifying your home –

Set of 2 Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves with 2 Terracotta Vases – Adorned with Madhubani hand paintings, the two terracotta vases look picture-perfect when placed on the attractive wooden wall shelves. Its warm colours will look great against a plain white wall or a coloured wall.

wall mounted wall shelves with terracotta pots

4 Multi-Colour Earthen Pots with Wooden Wall Shelf – Made of Sheesham Wood, this decorative wall shelf is accompanied by four small earthen pots. These pots have been painstakingly hand-painted with Madhubani art, a wonderful reminder of India’s rich legacy in traditional art forms. The beautiful colours of the earthen pots, blue, green, pink and mustard is pleasing to the eyes! 

wall shelves

Set of 3 Warli Terracotta Pots with 3-tier Wall Shelf – Shaped like a house, this gorgeous wooden wall showcase is a creation of proficient artisans at Artysta. The multi-shaped and sized white pots are beautifully hand-painted in black with eye-catching elements of Warli art.

decorative wall shelves

2 Hand-Painted Terracotta Vases with Wooden Shelf – The small vases in pink and mustard look beautiful with their Madhubani peacock and turtle paintings. When placed on the small arrow-shaped wooden shelf, they add colour and life to your bedroom, living room or dining room walls.

wall shelves


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