Modern Indoor Planters For Your Home and Office

Author - Mayank Rustagi

There is no better way to bring nature indoors than placing beautiful green plants in your living room, bedroom, hallways and those dull corners around the office that desperately need some brightening up. Indoor plants do a world of good for your living spaces. And with so many attractive and modern indoor planters available online, you can easily shop for the best indoor planters from the comforts of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.


House plants make perfect additions to your home and office. Not only do they clean the air and help us breathe easy, but they also add colour and greenery to our living spaces. By placing your indoor plants in their individual planters, you can instantly enhance the look of these green beauties and give them a charming and cozy abode of their own. 


What’s more, good-quality ceramic plant pots are also great for accentuating your home décor and livening up your spaces with their good looks, stylish designs and eye-catching colours and finishes. So no matter which décor theme you use, you will always find an indoor planter that will complement your décor effortlessly and give your home a warm and delightful look and feel.


Artysta Gallery is a leading manufacturer of home-décor products, handicraft items and luxurious furniture for your home and office. We are known for our dedication towards promoting products made by highly talented Indian artists, thereby, supporting the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ concept.  


We are your one-stop source for the best hand-made indoor planters online, offering a vast collection of impressive indoor planters in varied shapes, sizes and colours that are modern in their design sensibilities and long-lasting in their construction.


When handled with love and care, our ceramic plant pots will last you for many years, adding a unique touch to your décor and providing a safe place for your house plants. 


Some of our bestselling ceramic indoor planters include –


Ceramic Owl Planter for Home: This charming ceramic owl planter in black and gold will instantly cheer up your balcony, window sill, table top or office desk. Made with hand using good-quality clay, the owl design is pleasing to the eyes and stands out for its fine detailing. The water drainage hole at the bottom ensures that the water flows through the soil easily.

Ceramic Indoor Painted Egg Planter: This hand-made and hand-painted pot planter has a gorgeous contemporary look that will go well with your varied planting and garden décor needs. The floral design is a treat for the eyes.

Handmade Ceramic Indoor Planter for Garden Set of 2: Looking for two similar indoor planters to place on your study table, window sill or hallway? Get these lovely matching indoor planters in white and brown. You will surely love the two small plates that come with these planters.


There are many more modern indoor planters and ceramic plant pots for your home and office at the Artysta. Start shopping now!


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