Choosing The Right Luggage Tag For Your Travels

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, you must consider buying a high-quality luggage tag to keep your luggage safe and easily identifiable during your travels.

There can be nothing worse than misplacing your luggage and not having any identification to help you locate it. Worse still, if someone mistakenly picks up your suitcase thinking it is theirs, there will be no way for them to contact you when they do realize their mistake. It’s where bag tags come into the picture.

With the number of people travelling on the rise, it has become imperative to safeguard your luggage by attaching a good and sturdy luggage tag with your name and contact information for identity.


Bag tags are not only great for your personal use but also make useful and thoughtful gifts for your friends, colleagues and family members.

 At Artysta Gallery, we offer some of the most attractive and unique luggage tags online that stand out for their good quality, stunning designs and artistic beauty. A part of the Rhythm Collection and Noor Collection, our luggage tags are a class apart.

Handcrafted by women artisans, these bag tags are crafted in 100% Eco-friendly brass with a long-lasting and bright gold-finish, using a highly specialized engraving and cutting technique. The handmade pure leather strap can be easily attached to your luggage handle, adding safety to your belongings and giving you peace of mind.



A good luggage tag is one that is strong, unique and easy to spot. And when you shop at Artysta Gallery, you get your luggage tag packed in a beautiful leatherette gift box.

 Let’s take a look at some of the bestselling luggage tags –  

Taj Jaali Brass Metal Travel Luggage Tag – Reminiscent of the Taj Mahal, this stunning and unique luggage tag comes from our Noor Collection. It has a gorgeous circular jaali design that is truly eye-catching. The genuine leather straps are long-lasting.

luggage tag online India

Buddha Brass Metal Travel Suitcase ID Tag – This is an exceptionally beautiful bag tag that is part of our Rhythm Collection. It showcases an elegant Buddha design and comes with genuine leather straps, adding longevity to this unique luggage tag.

brass luggage tag

Lotus Brass Metal Travel ID Tag – Exuding an understated charm, this brass metal luggage tag has a lovely lotus design that is pretty and unique. Handmade by women artisans, it is a true representation of India’s high-class metalwork.

brass luggage tag

Yoga Brass Metal Travel Luggage Suitcase Tag - Another unique and attractive luggage tag from Artysta Gallery, this yoga bag tag is a perfect pick for your travel needs that will remind you to balance work and pleasure and stay healthy and fit.

luggage ID tag

Hexagon Brass Metal Travel Luggage Tag - From the Noor Collection, we bring you this one-of-a-kind hexagon luggage tag with an easily attachable, high-quality leather strap.

 luggage tag online

Head over to Artysta Gallery and order your favourite luggage tag now!


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