Bring Home Madhubani art Inspired Home Decor items, Courtesy Artysta Gallery

Author - Mayank Rustagi

If you are looking for creative and modern ways to introduce India’s traditional art forms into your homes décor, then investing in Madhubani art-inspired décor items is a great choice. 

At Artysta Gallery, we have a full range of functional and charming home décor items and decorative items online that showcase the beauty, creativity and vibrancy of the world-famous Madhubani Art. 


Native to the Mithila region of Bihar, Madhubani paintings or Mithila art is an eye-catching and colourful representation of the culture, heritage, beliefs and rituals practised in this region. 

The talented womenfolk of Mithila used to create these paintings on the walls of their huts to celebrate special occasions and to express themselves. However, as this attractive art form gained popularity, it started being made on materials like handmade paper, cloth, and wooden home décor items and luxury home décor products, etc. 

Some of the most common themes of Madhubani Art include Gods and Goddesses, Sun and Moon, Plants, Animals and Birds, intricate Geometric Designs, as well as scenes from important events in day-to-day life such as Festivals, Birth, and Marriage, etc. 

One look at a Madhubani Painting and you will find yourself engrossed in deciphering the story that is being told in these unique pieces of art. 


Madhubani art is making its way to homes all over India, thanks to the availability of functional and fabulous, hand-painted Madhubani home décor products online at reliable stores like Artysta. 

Let’s take a look at some of our bestselling Madhubani art inspired Home Décor products – 

TABLE LAMPS – Our table lamps and night lamps are perfect additions to your living room or bedroom. In addition to brightening up your home, these vibrant lamps will showcase the brilliant talent of India’s local artists and art forms. 

table lamp


WOODEN TRAYS – Shopping for home décor online is incomplete without artistic wooden trays. Convenient to have around the home, especially in the kitchen and dining space, our decorative wooden trays make it easy to serve snacks, tea and coffee to guests and family members. These handmade trays also make great gifting items and stand out for their antique look and durable finish. 

wooden serving tray


DECORATIVE VASES – Flower vases in eye-catching shapes, looks and designs are a must-buy when you want to enhance the décor of your home. And when you buy handmade products beautified with the lovely Madhubani art, you bring home a luxury home décor item that will bring you many compliments for years to come. 

decorative vases

HANDCRAFTED NAPKIN HOLDERS – Say goodbye to your boring tissue/napkin holder and enhance the look and feel of your dining table with a handcrafted wooden napkin holder, hand-painted with the gorgeous Madhubani Art. 

wooden napkin holder


TEALIGHT HOLDERS – Hanging tea light holders and table tea light holders can instantly brighten up your space with their beautiful designs. 

tealight holder

Visit Artysta Gallery today for the largest range of Madhubani art inspired decorative items online! 

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