Back to Roots: Choose Terracotta Made Products with a Modern Touch

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Terracotta is a beautiful clay art form that has its roots firmly grounded in ancient Indian culture and history. If we look back at the earliest references, we will find that terracotta’s history can be dated back to the Indus Valley Civilization when terracotta pots, vases and vessels were widely used.  

Since then, terracotta has evolved and gained predominance as a popular choice for home décor. The credit goes to skilled and talented artisans who have kept this ancient art alive as well as online stores that are making terracotta home decor products and house decoration items accessible to one and all.


The existence of terracotta through the centuries and its popularity as a flourishing art form even today shows us its ability to stand the test of time. Trends come and trends go, but the popularity of terracotta products has only seen an upward movement.

While many Indian households have continued the tradition of using terracotta products in some form or the other, some of us have lost touch with this beautiful art. Artysta Gallery is here to help!

We bring you a beautiful range of versatile and eye-catching terracotta decorative products that showcase traditional craftsmanship with a mix of modern aesthetics, just right for your home decoration needs in 2020!

Available in a stunning range of colours, designs and finishes, these products will keep you connected with your cultural roots while giving you stylish and pleasing options to enhance and complement your home’s look and décor.  


For your convenience, we have put together a list of terracotta must-haves for your home –

TERRACOTTA VASES AND DECORATIVE POTS – Since time immemorial, terracotta pots have been a popular item of daily use for storing drinking water in most households. Our collection of beautifully handcrafted premium terracotta decorative pots and vases are a tribute to this ancient tradition.

terracotta vases

Hand-painted with Warli and Madhubani art, these attractive earthen flower pots and vases are a tasteful addition to your home, guaranteed to add charm and grace to your surroundings.

terracotta pot

WOODEN WALL SHELVES WITH TERRACOTTA DECORATIVE POTS – If you have an empty bedroom wall that needs some brightening up, we suggest that you opt for wooden wall shelves with terracotta decorative pots.

wooden wall shelves with pots

Enhanced with ethnic Madhubani paintings and Warli art, these pots are good-looking masterpieces that remind us about India’s rich legacy in creative art.

HANDCRAFTED TERRACOTTA LAMPS WITH SHADE – A brilliant creation by India’s rural artisans, decorative terracotta lamps with Madhubani paintings are functional and fabulous home décor products that celebrate the uniqueness of India’s cultural ethnicity.

terracotta table lamp

Hand-painted with an array of natural colours, these lamps will elevate your home’s aesthetics and provide good options for low lighting.   

Artysta Gallery is your one-stop source for beautiful terracotta home decoration products with a modern feel. Bring home the beauty of terracotta!  


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