5 Ways to fill up your home with Traditional Vibes

Modernization has leapfrogged you; further and further away from your roots. But you have, somehow, learned to steal a few moments to enjoy your traditions. Think about it - traditions are the nucleus of all civilizations, from serving the first crop of the season to God in India to Bonsai art in Japan.

You all relish your traditions because they define who you are as a species and how you've evolved to survive trouble; and because of this, traditions have to include a set of certain ingredients to lodge themselves firmly in your heads and societies. Certainly, you all want to have that elan of these traditional vibes into your homes too.

Below are the 5 ways to fill up your beautiful homes with traditional vibes.

Majestic Furniture

The traditional interior decor has nothing to do with minimal designs, and furniture is no exception. Traditional homes tend to have loftier and regal furniture pieces unlike modern furniture which are made to save space. Fine quality Teak Wood is generally used in making these furniture pieces, giving them colors ranging from smooth mahogany to dark walnut brown.

Artysta Gallery has high-end royal furniture including center table, benches and coffee table. They are handcrafted in Teak Wood with a metallic detail usually inspired by the Dhokra Art. Buy center table for drawing room and coffee table online and made them your own.

Rich in Color

If you love rich, vibrant and dark colors; this is your go-to segment. Generally, walls have a light monochromatic tone, so colorful artwork can pop. Fusing these bold-colored accents to neutral walls creates a warm and inviting space that looks dignified.

wooden wall shelves

Add Awesome Art

In rural parts of the country, no paints are used. However, people use natural things to decorate the walls. For instance, Warli Tribe people used to mix rice and water with gum to make a white paste to decorate their walls. Warli personifies the daily life of the tribe. Madhubani is yet another renowned art form. It has intricate patterns and various colors that give the art its beauty.

Nowadays, Madhubani and Warli arts have reached markets in various forms including decorative vases, sarees, wall clocks, etc. 

decorative vases

Mughal Influence

History shapes your present. Mughals’ influence is widely spread in India from cuisine to architecture. They transformed several towns that had no resources for agriculture. Khurja, known as the Ceramic City, is one of them. Khurja supplies a wide range of Ceramics used in the country, today having beautiful abstract patterns, bird and animal motifs, and floral designs. Due to its remote location, it is hard to find the best out of best. 

Introduce ceramic ware and blue pottery in your kitchen and let the vibes in.

Wood Works!

With the increase in opposition to plastic use, wooden items have captured the markets rapidly. Not only these products are natural, but they have the same strength as plastic items. Their natural texture and excellent grain give them a unique pattern. Add wooden flower vases, napkin holders, cutlery stand, etc. to make your place close to nature.

wooden napkin holder

Juxtaposing modernity with a little traditional aesthetics can signify the beauty of your homes. Artysta Gallery provides you a wide range of home decor items inspired by the rich tradition of India. We power the skillful craftsmen of India and deliver you the result of hard work. Reach out to us today.

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