5 Classy and Stylish Warli Art Decorative Vases

Author - Mayank Rustagi

Your home is your haven, a space that you can decorate and make your own with the help of the right home décor products. Decorative vases are a great option for not only beautifying your home but also adding to your existing décor.

 Though there are many varieties of decorative vases online, nothing can compare to the classy appeal and stylish vibe of terracotta vases and wooden floor vases adorned with one of India’s most fascinating and respected traditional art forms, the Warli art.

 Warli art is a tribal art form that originates from the state of Maharashtra and represents scenes from the daily life of people in rural India. Some of the most common themes include weddings and festivals, hunting, dancing and worshipping, etc.


At Artysta Gallery, we offer one of the largest collections of premium-quality handcrafted decorative vases made from terracotta and wood. These stunning pieces are great for your living room corner table or display area, bedroom, and even the lobby area of your office.

 Great for placing fresh flowers every day, our corner flower vases will instantly brighten your home and office with their elegance and good looks.

 Let’s take a look at our top five Warli-art Decorative Vases for your home and office –

 Wooden Corner Flower Vase – Made from excellent Pine and Sheesham Wood, this corner flower vase is a wonderful investment for your home and office decoration needs. The two dancing brass figurines attached to the vase are attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Out of all the wooden vases online, this one is a winner. And the best part is it looks lovely with or without flowers, so we suggest that you get yours today.

wooden floor vases

 Handcrafted Terracotta Warli Painting Flower Vase – This set of 2 small decorative terracotta vases are a true representation of tribal artistry and creativity. The hand-painted fish, elephant and leaves look beautiful and add to the pot’s rustic beauty, making them ideal additions to your living room side table or display cabinet.

terracotta vases

 Earthen Terracotta Warli Painting Vases – Celebrating the beauty and creativity of Warli art, this set of 2 ethnic hand-painted terracotta vases in black and yellow stand out for their clean lines, eye-catching shape and charming colours. They are ideal for not just your home but also as gifts for your friends and family.

terracotta vases

 Warli Painting Earthen Table Top Vases – They say, the more the merrier, and it stands true for this set of 3 big, medium and small terracotta vases. The bright colours, fish painting and black rope detailing is a head turner.

terracotta vases

 Terracotta Handcrafted Living Room Small Vases – Presenting scenes from the tribal life, culture and beliefs, this set of 2 small vases has a story to tell. The beautiful play of colours and elegant design will make your living room look warm and welcoming.

terracotta vases

 Visit Artysta Gallery today and bring home the beauty and diversity of stylish Warli Decorative Vases!

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